Outreachy: week1-week3

Hello everyone, through this blog I’m going to share my first 21 days working experience on my project. My project is to add a Leaderboard feature in commons android app. With the help of my mentors and various provided resources, I got familiar with the Leaderboard design process as well as it’s technical implementation.

In my first meeting with my mentors we decided to start with database design for Leaderboard. Various blogs on design and implementation of general purpose Leaderboard helped me understanding the flow. I added a new table in existing database of commons android app and wrote queries to fetch required data. You can find the details here. Currently I’m working on maintenance of database. My next task is to design APIs for these and test it on tools forge.

From 2nd week I started working on frontend. Here is the first proposed Leaderboard UI. I implemented this by changing the existing achievement activity into fragment and adding new tab for Leaderboard. The app uses dagger but I’m not much experienced working with it. That’s why, at first I faced some problems but stack overflow helped dealing with errors and answered many of my questions that I could’t find on other platforms.

The other proposed Leaderboard UI implementation requires adding Leaderboard item to navigation drawer. You can find this PR here.

It has been a great experience so far and my mentors have also been very helpful. In last few weeks, I have learnt a lot struggling with backend as well as frontend and looking forward to learn more.


Outreachy : The opportunity

Hello everyone, I am Silky Priya. I’m B.Tech. Computer Science graduate from IIT Roorkee, India. I have been selected for Outreachy summer internship 2019 in Wikimedia organization. I’ll work on adding leaderboard feature in commons android app. Here you can find it’s github repository. It’s my first blog post and the very purpose of writing this is to share my experience of getting selected for Outreachy and hopefully it will motivate you to apply too!

What is Outreachy?

It is a program that is organized by the Software Freedom Conservancy program that organizes internships with free and open source software projects and supports participation of more women in technology. Most importantly it’s not a competition, it’s about collaboration. It’s an opportunity to learn and develop both technical and communication skills, gain experience working with professionals, collaborate with great teams and add value to their projects and many more.

How did I hear about this program?

My best friend is an Outreachy 2017 alumna. She told me about Outreachy and encouraged me to get started with open source and participate in this program.

Choosing project

Few months ago, I started android development inspired by one of my friends who has been a source of constant inspiration and encouragement for me ever since I have known him. I worked on small projects and started getting interest in them. I was looking for an android project to contribute in Outreachy. After my initial application got selected, I checked out the listed projects and didn’t find any android project. So, I started contributing to Documentation/Python project by Wikimedia. The project was about documentation improvement of MediaWiki Action API pages and adding sample code in python demonstrating the use of API. At first, I made some mistakes but mentor’s regular feedback helped me correcting them. I got 3 API pages approved.

Next week an android project of Wikimedia Commons got added to the project list. The project is to add a leaderboard feature in Commons Android app. At first, I decided to contribute to both projects but later it became difficult and I chose the android project to focus on.


First, I read the developer documentation and got familiar with the code structure. I started with beginner friendly issues. Honestly at first, working with git and discussing my queries on public platform were daunting tasks for me. Later, all became easy, the mentors were very friendly and active. I got 3 PR merges in the first week and this motivated me to contribute more. I worked on more issues while discussing with mentors and got more familiar with the code base. I strongly encourage the aspirants to start open source contribution and not to be scared of asking questions in case they are not getting something. The open source community is very friendly and always encourages newcomers to contribute.


About ten days before the deadline I started working on my application. My main focus was on implementation details, task division, weekly deliverables and prototype. I further improved it by making suggested changes after getting feedback from mentors. In case you want to see my proposal, you can check here.


On 6 May 2019, I received a congratulation email form Outreachy Organizers for being selected as an intern for Outreachy 2019 summer round. It was an awesome feeling. The next day I went for chapo (it’s a lingo of my college, IIT Roorkee, it means party celebration) with all my friends.

It’s a huge opportunity for me and I am looking forward to do my best!

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